• 0 to 3 Months

    Our Anti-scratch teething mittens come in 2 great colours. Designed for 0 to 3 months, perfect for babies that like to mouth.

    With a secure velcro fastener, raised silicone dots and plenty of padding, these are sure to be a hit with any new Mums and Dad's. They also make the perfect baby shower gift

  • 3 Months +

    Our multi award-winning 'Gummee Glove' is designed to help little ones help themselves. The mitten is made to fit babies from 3 months+, perfect for the early stages of teething. It's beyond compare for youngsters who are too young to hold a teething toy on their own. No more problems with toys falling on the floor or out of the pushchair. 

  • 3 Months +

    Rosy cheeks, fussiness, swollen gums, ear rubbing, dribbling, rash on face or bottom? Sound familiar? These are all classic teething symptoms! Don't worry, we can help.

    Here you will find all of our great teethers designed for when baby is starting to hold teething toys themselves but can also be used from 3 months old.

    Made from food-grade silicone and in bright interesting colours, your baby is sure to love them as much as we do! Why not use them as a teething gel applicator too?

  • 6 months+

    Our Gummee Glove Plus has all the great features of the award-winning Gummee Glove but is designed with a more avid chewer in mind!
    For teething babies 6 months+. We've lengthened the cuff and made the silicone side teethers thicker and larger. 

  • 12 Mths - 3 years

    Our fantastic Molar Mallet has been specifically designed by us for when those pesky back teeth are starting to erupt! Ideal for toddler teething.

    With it's fantastic wobble base it means peace of mind for parents by keeping the mouth end from touching the floor but also a great interactive feature to help keep little one entertained

  • Bundle Deals

    A fantastic deal to save you time and money on our Gummee teething packs

  • Happy Hands

    Our Happy Hands are designed for children with additional needs that feel the urge to chew on their hands but may not have the dexterity to hold traditional chewing aids. Comes in 3 handy sizes, small, medium and large. The perfect sensory solution to mouthing

  • Gummee Pick and Mix

    A selection of our fantastic silicone teethers for you to pick and mix

  • Hand to Mouth Book
  • Clearance

    Welcome to our clearance category! 

    Item's listed in this category are one off's, returns, imperfect or incomplete etc. 

    Please be sure to read complete listing for any product you decide to order, and please contact us if you have any questions. 

  • Snooze Shade

    SnoozeShade Original was invented by a British mum to help babies and toddlers sleep when they are out and about in the pram, pushchair or car seat.

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Showing 1 - 37 of 37 items